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Strathome guide

Download Strathome guide

Download Strathome guide

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The city of Stratholme was the northernmost and second most populous city of the kingdom of Lordaeron, and is the city where the Order of the Silver Hand was?Aurius Rivendare -?Stratholme (original) -?Stratholme loot -?PlaguewoodCulling of Stratholme - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of is a 5-person, level 80 instance centered around helping Prince Arthas purge the city of Stratholme from the grain-infected populace. At the end of the instance Mar 14, 2014 - If the answer is no, then this guide might be just what you're looking for! I recommend a stealth class because Stratholme is an instance with 50+ items - Stratholme was once the jewel of northern Lordaeron, but todayNameTypeSourceBook of the DeadHeld in Off-HandBalnazzar.Deathcharger's ReinsConsumableLord Aurius Rivendare.Guide to Stratholme | Ten Ton 5, 2005 - Update. As of Patch 1.10, the Scholomance, Stratholme and Blackrock Depths instances have been dropped to normal 5 man instances. It is no[78-80] Eric's Culling Of Stratholme Walkthrough and Guide. eric's picture. Submitted by eric on Wed, 2009-08-26 18:37. This instance is one of my favorite

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Aug 13, 2006 - Stratholme Guide. Introduction. Stratholme is one of the hardest instances designed for a single group, if not, the hardest instance. It is also the Stratholme Undead Side Instance Guide. Stratholme has two sides, Undead and Living. The living side is harder then the undead side. If it's your first time in

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